The institution reviews its teaching learning process, structures & methodologies

The main objective of IQAC is to ensure quality assurance of academic activities and administrative works. It functions for the growth of faculty and students and provides guidelines periodically.

Following are the innovative processes adopted by the institution in Teaching and Learning:

  1. Introduction of Value added courses, Certificate courses & Vocational Educational Training to complement the present curriculum.
  2. Initiating Outcome Based Education through mini-projects, model making, Industrial Visits, In-plant Training, internships, etc., to enhance their knowledge level beyond their syllabus.
  3. Promoting the usage of ICT tools, Smart Boards, and NPTEL videos for enhancing Teaching-Learning Process
  4. Through Industry-Institute–Academic collaborations, guest lectures are arranged on advanced topics by Eminent Academicians and Industry experts.
  5. Conduct quality initiate programs such as National & International Conferences, FDPs, seminars, workshops, training, and Symposiums.
  6. Feedback from stakeholders (students, teachers, parents, and alumni) is collected corrective measures are taken.

IQAC Contributions to effective Teaching & Learning processes are as follows:

  • IQAC organizes regular academic audits to ensure effective implementation of teaching-learning process and maintenance of course files.
  • Exams monitoring through Academic Committee and Exam Cell Coordinator.
  • Identifying the new processes/ delivery method and recommending the same for improving the quality.
  • Arrangement of Remedial classes for slow learners.
  • Soft skill training to suit the job needs of the students.
  • Mentor-Mentee allotments are introduced to help students overcome the challenges faced by them.
  • MOUs are signed with leading Industries / Corporate Houses for Training & Development.
  • action is taken on Feedback collected from the stakeholders (students, teachers, alumni, and parents).


1. Value-Added Course, Certificate Course, and Vocational Education Training

IQAC assesses the quality of the various value-AddedCourse, Certificate courses, and Vocational Education Training courses through proper monitoring and analysis of the feedback collected. Verification of the approval of the courses from the Principal is made. The Time table schedules and faculty allotted for the course are verified. The student’s attendance for the course is monitored.

The feedback forms collected at the end of each course are analyzed and further improvements if needed are made in the course. The feedback monitored is assessed and is used to derive information about the beneficiaries of the course.

2. Internal Exams monitoring

IQAC assesses the Question Paper Format and Syllabus Coverage for Internal and Model Examinations through the respective HODs. It also verifies the availability of Invigilators and monitors the schedule and timings for the conduct of the exams. The HODs verify that the Question papers are set as per Bloom’s Taxonomy and the percentage of attainment of course outcome. Consolidated marks statements and the list of failures are prepared. The mentor-Mentee allotment is made and Remedial classes for the slow learners are conducted.