The College Computing Center offers computing facility to all the students and faculty members. The computing resources include servers and workstations. A state-of-the-art campus network with a 20 Mbps Leased line Internet connection offer unlimited access of Internet for the students and staff round the clock, for their educational and research needs.

The Computing Center provides e-mail services to the entire Faculty Members. The Computing Center with a total floor area of 20000 sq.ft houses 6 Computer laboratories with adequate uninterrupted power supply. The PSV campus LAN interconnecting about 500 computers serve the desktop needs of the students, faculty, and the administrative staff of the College. Desktops in the campus include, Windows XP, LINUX, Pentium (Dual Core and Core 2 duo, i3, i7) etc.

In addition to the above computing facility at the educational campus, about 15 computers cater to the needs of the students at the hostels, facilitating them to work on the computers late into the night.

Fact File – Computing Center

§      Computer Technology Center

§      Number of Servers – 7

§      Number of Workstations – 650

§      Number of Workstations (Hostel) – 20

§      Internet Connectivity – WI-FI 8 Mbps

§      WiFi Access Points – 10 Nos.

§      UPS & Genset

§      LAN Connection – Throughout The Campus